Talamone is a small town located at the southern end of the Uccellina mountains, in the town of Orbetello; is a very old town and rich in history, just a step away from the Maremma Natural Park.



The promontory of the Argentario is a promontory of the province of Grosseto, washed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Orbetello Lagoon. Administered by the municipality of Monte Argentario, it is located along the Tuscan coast east of the Isola del Giglio and north of Giannutri. The highest point reaches 635 meters s.l.m. on the summit of Mount Telegrafo.

Porto Santo Stefano

Porto Santo Stefano is an un-promoted tourist resort and therefore safeguarded by mass tourism; this Argentario commune is in fact a favorite destination for sailing enthusiasts, and by boaters in general, who consider it an exceptional base for excursions to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. In fact, the splendid Isola d'Elba, Isola del Giglio and the small and evocative Giannutri are reachable after a short visit.

Porto Ercole

The history of Porto Ercole began already in Etruscan times, as evidenced by the numerous findings found in the surrounding areas. Later, the small Etruscan center was conquered by the Romans and transformed into a port (a column of that era was found in the port). It is hypothesized that the bastion of Santa Barbara was a Byzantine lighthouse.


Pitigliano is a characteristic village of the Grosseto Maremma, unique in its kind for the particularity of being built entirely on a tufaceous rock, this makes it one of the most interesting places in the tuff area.

Terme di Saturnia

The town was built in Roman times along the Via Clodia near the Etruscan necropolis of Pian di Palma and the thermal springs, already known at the time, from which it took its name. The sulphurous water at 37 and a half degrees have renowned therapeutic properties and know how to give relaxation and wellbeing to just immergervisi. However, the contact with nature is noteworthy, at the same time as harsh as the Maremma can be - especially in the summer - with colors ranging from dark green to yellow, brown in all shades up to almost black.

Il Parco dell'Uccellina

The Park of Uccellina, despite being a territory characterized by a dense vegetation, is full of historical and artistic testimonies of great importance, very heterogeneous among them, dating back to different eras and the result of different realities and needs. The territory of the Park is today divided between the municipalities of Grosseto, Magliano in Tuscany and Orbetello, while in the past the area underwent various dominations.

La Feniglia

The Feniglia is a beautiful sandy dune enclosed between the hills of Ansedonia and Monte Argentario, the internal part overlooks the Orbetello Lagoon, while the external part is directly on the sea. It covers an area of ​​474 hectares and is about 6 km long. Points of interest: the beach, the sea, the vegetation, the fauna, birdwatching.