L'azienda e i suoi prodotti

The farm is an integral part of the family farm in activity for 3 generations.

The Agricultural Company, owned by the Cecconata family for three generations, covers 30 hectares on flat land
hilly just 3 km from the sea, and 7 km from Talamone; consisting mainly of olive groves, vineyards, pastures and woods. The activity
The main company is focused on cattle breeding in the stable, followed by the farm, introduced in 2000, and by production
of extra virgin olive oil.

Managed by the family, the company offers guests the possibility of
collect and eat fruit and vegetables from the garden, grown by the owners, in spring and summer, in addition to possibility to visit the company itself.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive tree represents one of the most important aspects of Maremma agriculture, constituting, together with the vine, the most typical and important crop for our region. Our oil is produced as it teaches the Tuscan agricultural history in full respect of flavors and traditions, in search of products always genuine and sincere. The beneficial properties that extra virgin olive oil has on the body are innumerable:

It reduces the risks of occlusion of the arteries
Facilitates the absorption of other vitamins
Increases bile secretion
Prevents arteriosclerosis
Reduces the percentage of Ldl cholesterol
Reduces arterial pressure
It reduces the rate of sugar in the blood
Increases the intake of Vitamins A, D and E
Prevents myocardial infarction
Our oil is imposed on the palate for its harmonious but quite characteristic flavor.